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This Family tree has been dated back to abt. 1610 from Spain and Brazil    

Last updated on 3/17/2018

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Nikolai Enrique Prasse b.2013
Amber and Briana  


Enrique Ruiz Rodriguez b.1964 Ruth Enid Gutiérrez Rosado  b.1970

 Great Grandparents

Generoso Ruiz Resto b.1930 d.1/13/2012

Eneida Rodriguez Montalvo b.1944  d.1994

Rafael E. Gutiérrez Velazquez b.1944

Ruth A Rosado Correa  b.1947

 Great Great Grandparents

Modesto Resto b.1880
Resto y Cruz Tree

Juana Ruiz b.1901
Ruiz y Vega Tree

David Rodriguez b.1918
Rodriguez y Larracuente Tree

Zolia Montalvo b.1923
Montalvo y Torres

Joaquin Gutiérrez b.1921
 Gutierrez y Guerra Tree

Lucrecia Velazquez
Velazquez y Vera Tree

Carmelo Rosado b.1923 Rosado y Roman Tree

Milagros Rosalia Correa
 Correa y Roman Tree

  Note: We started our research in 1998. Many have questioned why. Our reasons is to get to know our family. To truly know when, how, and where they lived. Many who will visit this site may not like what they read or see. This site was not made to offend or make anyone feel bad. You well find many documents on this site confirming dates, where they lived, description of the person and if they knew how to read or write. Many documents contradict themselves with different dates, spelling of names and where they lived. Our hope is that after you look, you will know our family better. A Proud Family with a long history in Puerto Rico. All the Information posted have been obtained through public records and any family member, are more than welcome to use the Info from this site for free and we expect the same courtesy to be passed along. 

Oldest records found to date   Visitors to date

Jose Conejero (Rivera) 1764 baptism

Andres Conejero (Rivera) and Antonia Perez
1763 Marriage

Pedro Conejero (Rivera) 1768 baptism