Generoso Ruiz Resto was born in 1930 in Cayey, Puerto Rico in the Barrio called Beatriz. He arrived in Newark N.J on May 3,1951
His first wife (between 1951-1955?after asking him he doesn't remember) was
Maria Malpica they had one child. Her name at birth was
Generosa Ruiz. Generosa whereabouts are not sure, it is said she lives in Vega Baja P.R due to strand relationships with her mother's family 
contact with her were broken by 1970. It is said that she has two children. We are trying to get in contact with her and
Enrique  has been trying since 1978 and came close in 1996 but with no success.  Generoso second wife (abt 1958) was Carmen Montañez, no children came from this union.
She had two children from her previous marriage. His third wife was
Eneida Rodriguez. This union lasted from 1962 to October 1976 and they had three children Enrique, Anita and Tony Ruiz. His fourth wife is Carmen Gutierrez and they have one child named Charlie Ruiz born 1/9/1979. 

Generoso Ruiz y Resto died on January 13, 2012

Generoso served in the New Jersey National Guard from 1954 and discharged on August 31, 1961.

Generoso has 5 children, 8 possible grandchildren 6 known 2 not known. He also has one great grandchild born in 2007 his name is Victor Orlando Andujar.

Generosa Ruiz  
born abt 1952-55 and possibly has two children

2. Enrique Ruiz married to Ruth E. Gutierrez
Their two children are
Amber Sky Ruiz and Brian Joy Ruiz

3. Anita Ruiz married to Ramon Rosado
three children Orlando David Andujar, Evanny Anita Bravo and 
Ramon Anthony Rosado.

 (Orlando David  and wife had 1st child in 2007 his name is Victor Orlando Andujar).

 4. Tony Ruiz and wife Anefrid D. had their 1st child in 2007 
his name is
Daniel Angelo Ruiz.

5. Charlie Ruiz has one child Nicole Ruiz.

His parents were Modesto Resto Cruz and Juana Ruiz

Generoso had 14 siblings, They are as follow.

Their parents were Modesto Resto Cruz
and Juana Ruiz

1. Silverio Resto y Ruiz was born on June 20,1923 and died September 1959. 
A family picture was taken in 1957 or 1958.
Silverio arrived in Idlewild field in N.Y from Puerto Rico on March 16 1952.
Silverio is the only one to carry his father 's name. He was born with his mother 's name but 
during WWII his father went to town hall and claimed him as his son.
His wife was Irene Ortiz y Rivera born abt 1926 passed away May 12, 2013 and their children were:

1.Roberto Resto

2.Carmen Iris (Ortiz) Resto 
Married to Manuel Torres and have three children:
Rose Marie Torres

Carmen Delia Torres

Manuel Torres

3.David Resto

4.Margarita (Ortiz) Resto
Married to Antonio (Tony) Suarez and have three child

5.Raymond (Ortiz) Resto

6.Juanita Resto

7.Samuel Resto

8.Daniel Resto

9.Hector Resto

After Silverio Death, Irene had two more Children 

10.Jose Ortiz 

11.Julio Gonzalez

2. Zenona Ruiz was born in 1925 married to Antonio Solivan.
Their children are:

Iris Solivan

Pedro Solivan
Chris Solivan

Miriam Solivan

Elba Solivan

Elsie Solivan

3. Maria Luisa Ruiz was on  born October 24,1926 died

4. Amelia Ruiz died as infant. She was born on 12/18/1927 and died on 4/10/1929

5. Angela Ruiz baptism says she was born in 1928 but a birth records states she was born in 1929

  6. Generoso Ruiz was born in 1930 died 2012

  7.  Artemio Ruiz married to Maria Soto. Their children are

Manuel Ruiz

Maria Ruiz

Carmen Ruiz

Luis Alberto Ruiz

Miguel Ruiz

Leonardo Ruiz

William Ruiz

8. Amparo Ruiz born in 1935 Married to 
Severo (Luis) Delvalle
y Nieves b. abt 1932  d.5/25/03. 
They Have three children.

Luis Delvalle y Ruiz born in 1955 was married to Daisy  Lopez
They have two children.

 Luis Delvalle

Giceley Delvalle

Miguel Delvalle born in 1957 married to Tracey Delrio 
they have two children.

Jessica Delvalle

  Veronica Delvalle

He also has a daughter from
previous marriage
Erica Delvalle
Nancy Delvalle married to Armando and have two children.

9. Baltazar Ruiz born Jan 18, 1937 died Sep 20 1994

10. Mercedes Ruiz

11. Marcelina Ruiz
She was married to Ignacio Guernica (b. abt 1931 d. 2/16/2010) in 1959 and they have three children

 Jose I Guernica

Victor Guernica

Marisol Guernica

12. Antonio Ruiz born October 15, 1938 and died November 13, 2004. 
He was married to
Andrea and had 5 children.

  Jose Ruiz b.1962 d. 1981

Gustavo Ruiz b.1963

  Aida Ruiz 

Carmen Ruiz

  Joel Ruiz b.1974

13. Inez Ruiz b. abt 1931 d. 2010 She has 7 children

Primitivo Galarza Jr.
b.1952 d 1970

 Maria Galarza

  Ricardo (Ricky) Ortiz

Milagros Ortiz 

Carlos Ortiz

Charlie Ortiz 

  Raul Torche

14. Juanito Ruiz died as infant

Their parents were Modesto Resto y Cruz and Juana Ruiz y Vega