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Abraham Gonzalez y Gaud
Born  April 12, 1926 Member of 65th Infantry in Company B of Puerto Rico

Feb 3, 1952 in Korea

In the Army 11/1/50 - 11/5/52

Sept. 7, 1947


August 21, 1951 


Feb 1952 in Korea


August 14, 1951 


Feb 4, 1952 in Korea on right with Unknown on left



In Puerto Rico Just before shipping out to Korea

August 21,1951 


August 1951



Company B of 65th Suffered many Causalities Abraham Gonzalez suffered his injuries on 
September 27, 1951. His mother received the following telegram. He received a Purple Heart


Benedicto Rodriguez y Resto

Photo taken in Japan about 1953 while on leave from Korea


Juan (Johnny) Rivera y Rodriguez




Generoso Ruiz y Resto




Rafael Enrique Gutierrez y Velazquez

abt 1963

abt 1963




Orlando David Andujar

Taken November 9, 2001