Jose Concepcion Ruiz y Tirado and Ramona Ocasio y Rodriguez

Many records found to date has Jose Concepcion Ruiz y Tirado listed as Ramon or Concepcion, we have a baptism record with the name
(Jose Concepcion Ruiz y Tirado)
as of October 8, 2007 this name has been confirmed to be his birth name. 1895 census of Jose and family.

His parents were Jose Maria Ruiz y Del Rio and Francisca Tirado

Concepcion was listed as the youngest and born on August 31, 1831 in Caguas P.R and died on August 19, 1915 age 83

Ramona Ocasio y Rodriguez parents were Vicente Ocasio and Maria Rosario y Rodriguez or Rodriguez y Rosario.
Ramona was born abt. 1835 died on Sept 13, 1902

Their Children

Juan Antonio Ruiz y Ocasio  b. 11/7/1855 d. 8/2/1905 Jose Maria Ruiz y Ocasio   
b.  Nov 2, 1858
Jose Angel Ruiz y Ocasio 
b. on Nov 1,1860 d. Nov 9, 1947
Blasina Ruiz y Ocasio 
b abt. 1870 d. Aug. 21, 1876
Miguel Ruiz y Ocasio 
b. about 1871 d. 6/27/1941 age 70
Wenceslao Ruiz y Ocasio 
b. abt. 1873 died Jan 26, 1934
Juana Ruiz y Ocasio  
b. abt 1875
Maria Cruz Ruiz y Ocasio  
b. abt 1876 d. 2/11/1964 age abt 88
Marcela Ruiz y Ocasio
also known as Miguela
b. abt 1867 d. 2/18/1948
Librada Ruiz y Ocasio 
b. abt 1885 d. 6/19/1943 age 58
    Maria Belen Ruiz y Ocasio 
b. abt 1883
Francisca Ruiz y Ocasio 
born abt 1877