Damian Resto y Cruz

Damian Resto y Cruz baptism record states he was born on October 14, 1891. 

Passed away on May 26, 1975

Damian is the first of his family recorded to be baptized in Cayey P R.

He registered for deferment from the military draft on July 5, 1917 due to his father and mother being old, He must have been taken care of them. 
On this record he list his birthday as 8/6/1893 this is wrong.

On the 1920 census he was listed as living with Rosa Perez. 

Damian is married on April 18,1925 to Basilia Franco y Cordero. They are listed on the 1930 census
During World War II he filled out a Registration card for men born between 1877-1897