Isidoro Resto y Cruz

Isidro registered for the military draft on October 26, 1918

 On the 1920 census Isidro Resto y Cruz living with Maria Colon Vazquez they have 2 sons 
The name Secilo seems to be a mistake this person should be Isidro Colon Resto

Leopoldo Colon age 3 Secilo Colon age 7 months
Isidro Colon Resto born on May 15,1919 Died March 16,1986

Isidro Resto y Cruz was married to Bienvenida Cotón y Laboy b. abt 1901 died on May 26,1927. They were married on June 7, 1923
 known children

Maria Resto y Cotón born 1927 died December 19,1927 Nicolas Resto y Cotón born in June 11, 1926

 On the 1930 census  Isidoro Resto y Cruz was listed as living with Secundina Cotón y Rivas 
At this time they had only one child listed at this time and she was Josefina Resto y Cotón age 2, she passed away on April 28, 1930

Isidro was known to be a barber and play the requinto. 

Secundina, Bienvenida and Eulalia are sisters and their parents were Camilo Cotón and Maria Laboy y Rivas as listed on the 1910 census on this record Secundina full name is Maria Secundina Cotón y Laboy  

Camilo Cotón
and Maria Laboy y Rivas are listed on the 1920 census. On this record Secundina is listed as Secundina Cotón de Rodriguez and 
there is a child named Juan Rodriguez. Secundina is listed as single and it is not sure if Juan Rodriguez is her son.
Also on this record Maria Laboy y Rivas is listed as Maria Laboy y Rivera.