Joaquin Gutiérrez y Guerra and Lucrecia Velazquez y Vera

Their Children

Joaquin (Jack) Lorenzo Gutiérrez y Velazquez Hector Gutiérrez y Velazquez Rafael Enrique Gutiérrez y Velazquez
Edwin Gutiérrez y Velazquez Gladys Gutiérrez y Velazquez Leticia Gutiérrez y Velazquez
David Gutiérrez y Velazquez

Joaquin Gutiérrez y Guerra was born on May 1, 1921.

  Lucrecia Velazquez y Vera  was born on November (June) 23, 1923.

Joaquin appears on the 1930 census. He died from complication from diabetes in 2002.

A Photo of Joaquin and Lucrecia about 1946.

 In 1951 Joaquin traveled to New York with a sister Rosa Gutierrez.

A Photo of Joaquin Sr with three of his sons about 1957-58.

Joaquin Gutiérrez  parents were Lorenzo Gutiérrez y Quintaña and  Rosario Guerra  

   Lucrecia Velazquez y Vera parents were Ramon Velazquez y Santiago and Marciala Vera y Valentin