Jose Encarncion Correa Rivera
Born abt 1890 Died 1927-28
Maria Isabel Roman y Agueda
Born abt 1892 Died 1961

Jose Encarncion Correa Rivera parents were Pedro Correa y Otero and Eulogia Rivera y Rodriguez

Maria Isabel Roman y Agueda parents were Juan Manuel Roman y Rivera and Maria Agueda y Abreu.

As of 1920 they are living in Hatillo P.R and have two children at that time. 

Picture of Isabel and her son Gonzalo and his son Rinny.

Their known children are.

Jose (Gonzalo) Correa y Roman  born on April 14, 1913. In 1951 he flew to New York 
And on July 27,1952 Gonzalo and family flew to New York
Reinaldo Correa y Roman b. 1917 d. Aug 24, 1938
Maria Virginia Correa y Roman b. Dec 9, 1922 Milagros Rosalia Correa y Roman b. 1924 d. 1989
Miguel Angel Correa y Roman b. abt 1928

Maria Isabel Roman y Agueda remarried to Eulogio Rodriguez y Cruz (born abt 1873) around 1929

They had one child

Milagros (TiTi) Rodriguez y Roman born 1930

In 1951 she flew with her brother Gonzalo to New York