Jose Ramon Vega y Varquez and Antonia Vicente y de Rivera

Three known children

Maria del Carmen Vega y Vicente born on 9/5/1841
Jose del los Santo Vega y Vicente born on 8/31/1843 died Jan 29, 1915
2. Manuel Vega y Vicente 
Born 1/10/1855  He is living in Cayey in 1910 , it shows that he is widowed, 60 yrs(55 actual age) 
and that his parents are born in Puerto Rico.

Jose Ramon Vega y Varquez  parents are Manuel Vega and Baltasana Varquez 

Antonia Vicente's parents were Carlos Vicente and Maria de Rivera. 
is listed as head of household on a 1808 census of a section of Cayey called Sidra. Today Sidra is the city of Cidra, 
this places his birth between 1775-90. 

Jose Ramon Vega y Varquez had brothers named Juan Pablo Vega and Dionicio Vega 

Juan Pablo Vega had a daughter named Juana del Carmen Vega born June 25,1852 
And baptized on July 16, 1852. This document contains the names of  Manuel Vega and Baltasana Varquez.