Julian Resto and Maria Apolinaria DeJesus

Julian Resto b. abt 1820 d. abt 1885.  His mother was Maria de Resto b. abt 1800

Maria Apolinaria DeJesus y Peluyeri was born abt 1820. Her parents were Manuel DeJesus and Felicina Peluyeri

Their known children

Mauricio Resto y DeJesus born on October 22, 1844 died May 20, 1927 Oilvicina Resto y DeJesus baptized on Oct 9,1858 her birthday is listed as Sept 12 ,1858
Dominga Resto y DeJesus Juana Resto y DeJesus baptized on August 20,1853
  Margarito Resto y DeJesus
Maximina Resto y DeJesus died on April 5, 1944 Francisco Resto y DeJesus

Here is a record of a Julian born in 1818 with a mother named Maria. They are slaves and it doesn't show a last name. I don't believe they are related.