Julio Resto y Cruz

Julio Resto y Cruz  is on the 1917 draft registration record, he has his birthday listed as July 4, 1891 (I believe around 1892)

 He is listed on the 1920 census as single.  Julio is married on November 13, 1926 to Elena Castro

On the 1930 census he is listed as Julian Resto y Cruz his common law wife was Ascencion Guzman and they had one child.

Known children

Guadalupe Resto who passed away on 10/13/1926 at the age of 2. Florencia Resto y Guzman born abt 1927.
Candida Luz Resto born abt 1944 died on Sept 19, 1950  

During World War II he filled out a Registration card for men born between 1877-1897.

Julio passed away on October 29, 1957