Mauricio Resto y De Jesus and Felipa Cruz 

Mauricio Resto y De Jesus was born on October 22, 1844 and baptized on November 9,1844 in Cidra and died on May 20, 1927 in Guaynabo P.R. 
On several documents he has listed that he is from Bayamon. Cidra has a barrio named Bayamon.

Felipa Cruz was born abt 1850 and died on Janurary 20, 1937

Mauricio Resto Dejesus and Felipa Cruz are listed on the 1910 census and on the 1920 census.

 Mauricio's parents were Julian Resto and Maria Apolinaria DeJesus.  Felipa's mother  was Antonia de la Cruz

On the 1910 census records it indicates that they had 14 children of which 12 survived. Here are the ones known to us.

Greogorio Resto y Cruz 
b. Jan 15, 1874 d. Dec 24, 1933
Pedro Resto y Cruz Modesto Resto y Cruz Gaspar Resto y Cruz
Leocadia Resto y Cruz
b. January 1,1882
Delfina Resto y Cruz Juan Resto y Cruz age 34 in 1920 single Julio Resto y Cruz
Damian Resto y Cruz
born on Oct 14, 1891 died on May 26, 1975
Isidoro Resto y Cruz Maria Ferminia Resto Cruz 
Born on July 7,1893
  Listed on the 1910 census
Lucinda Resto y Cruz also know as Gumersinda or Cinda Resto
  Quintina Resto y Cruz 
Born October 20,1885 in Aguas Buenas P.R and died Aug 8, 1889 in Cayey P. R
Jose Resto y Cruz 
Died 1945

Mauricio Resto had one known child with Ambrosia Montanez and his name was Avelino Montaņez. This info was given by Ramon Resto and
documentation of this was found on 7/14/2011.