Modesto Resto y Cruz  and Juana Ruiz y Vega

    Modesto Resto y Cruz baptism record states he was born on 6/19/1880 in Aguas Buenas, And he died on December 20, 1953 in Cayey P.R.
 Modesto was married to Teresa de Jesus Cruz y Cordero
Her Parents were Bernandino Cruz y Maldonado and Eladia Cordero y Lopez. They were married on September 7,1900 .

   On October 26, 1918 he registered for the military draft. 
Modesto is listed to be 44 years old in the 1920 census  but true age at time of census is 39. Listed as 50 years old in the 1930 census.

During World War II he filled out a Registration card for men born between 1877-1897.

Modesto Resto y Cruz parents were Mauricio Resto y De Jesus and Felipa Cruz 

Juana Ruiz y Vega was born on January 27, 1901 in  the barrio of San Salvador in Caguas , Puerto Rico and died on February 17, 1963. 
She was baptized on April 21,1901. 

Her parents were Miguel Ruiz y Ocasio born about 1871 and Leonor Vega y Figueroa born about 1875 according to a 1887 census.

Their children are as follow:

Silverio Ruiz y Resto
Born June 20,1923 Died Sept 1959

Zenona Ruiz y Resto
Born 1925
Maria Luisa Ruiz y Resto
Born October 24,1926
Angela Ruiz y Resto
Born 1929
Generoso Ruiz y Resto
Born 1930
Artemio Ruiz y Resto Inez Ruiz y Resto Amparo Ruiz y Resto
Born 1935
Antonio Ruiz y Resto
Born Oct 15, 1938 Died Nov 13,2004
Baltazar Ruiz y Resto
Born Jan 18,1937 Died Sept 20,1994
Marcela Ruiz y Resto Mercedes Ruiz y Resto
Amelia Ruiz y Resto
Born Dec 18,1927 Died April 10,1929
Juanito Ruiz y Resto
Died as Infant