Juana Paulina Rodriguez y Larracuente 

Born on March 22, 1906 and Baptized on Nov 25, 1906 On some documents her last name is listed as Rosario.
Photos of Paulina
Her first husband was Juan Rivera Mejia and they had five children.

Juan (Johnny) Rivera y Rodriguez born abt 1933
Army Photo of Juan
 Zeraida Rivera y Rodriguez 
Photo of Zeraida
Jesus Manuel Rivera y Rodriguez Carmen Socorro Rivera y Rodriguez  died abt 2006
Luis Enrique Rivera y Rodriguez

Her second husband was Juan Villafaņe and they had four children.

Judith Villafaņe y Rodriguez born abt 1937 David Villafaņe y Rodriguez
Luz del Carmen Villafaņe y Rodriguez Jose Antonio Villafaņe y Rodriguez born on Jan 1, 1941 died abt 1949