Rafael Enrique Gutiérrez y Velazquez is married to Ruth Alicea Rosado y Correa

Rafael's parents are Joaquin Gutierrez y Guerra and Lucrecia Velazquez y Vera

Ruth's parents are Carmelo Rosado y Roman and Milagros Rosalia Correa y Roman.

Rafael served in the Army part of the green berets from 1963 thru 1965 in the 5th Special Forces Group Airborne

A Photo of Rafael with his sister Gladys taken in 1950

A Photo of Ruth and Rafael on their wedding day November 19,1966.

Picture of Ralph and Ruth in 1987

They have two daughters named Rosalee (Mimi) and Ruth (Nicky). 

They have five granddaughters named 

(Mimi's) 1.Rosalie, 2.Gabriell and 3.Raven. 

(Nicky's) 4.Amber and 5.Briana