Andres Conejero (Rivera) and Antonia Perez

Married on December 6, 1763

On their marriage record Andres is listed as a slave belonging to Manuel Guzman. 
On their marriage record Andres last name is Conejero. By 1764 he starts using Rivera. Still researching this.

Antonia is listed as a free parda (brown), born in Arecibo. Her parents were Claudio Perez and Baltazana de Monserrate
Antonia passed away on or abt 12/22/1824

Jose Conejero (Rivera) born July 1764 died September 1818 Pedro Conejero (Rivera) born Jan 1768 died July 1793
Antonio Conejero (Rivera) born March 21, 1774 Maria Conejero (Rivera) born abt 1765
Ursula Conejero (Rivera) Bernanda Conejero (Rivera)  
  Rita Rivera (Conejero) married on Sept 27, 1817
Andres Conejero (Rivera) Jr born December 6, 1771 died November 1836 Niclorio Conejero died October 1855