Eneida Rodriguez  

    Eneida Rodriguez y Montalvo was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico on April 16, 1944. 
She passed away on a snowy Friday night around 10:00pm on 1/07/1994

taken on May 12, 1958
, Group picture taken abt 1958 with 

In 1951 Eneida (age7) moved to North Brunswick N.J and lived with Rosa Jordan y Rivera de Garrido and Ventura Garrido

Ventura was Born in Spain and Immigrated to the U.S.A between 1922-25. He was born in 1898 and passed away in 1960. 
Rosa was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico  on August 30,1900 and passed away on March 22,1971.

On June 11, 1936 a record shows she boarded the S.S Coamo in San Juan P.R. Rosa filed for a social security number on 11/25/36. 

She had three children Enrique (Rick) Ruiz, Anita Ruiz and Tony Ruiz.
1.Enrique Ruiz and Ruth E. Gutierrez have two Children 
Amber Sky Ruiz  and Briana Joy Ruiz  

2. Anita Ruiz has three children, Orlando David AndujarEvanny Bravo and Ramon Rosado.
Orlando David Andujar was in the U S Air force from 9/18/2001 to 7/2008. He served in Iraq and in Afghanistan. 
and Wife had their first child born in 2007. His name is Victor Orlando Andujar

3.Tony Ruiz married to Anefred and had  their first child in 2007 his name is Daniel Angelo Ruiz.