A actual picture and postcard of the Steamship Coamo

On January 19, 1942  the S.S Coamo was involved in a rescue when The Lady Hawkins was sunk by a U-boat U-66 (a sub). Captained by
(Korvkpt. Richard Zapp). It was sunk midway between Cape Hatteras and Bermuda. The ship was carrying 212 passengers and 109 crew when hit by two torpedoes. About 162 passengers died as did 88 of the ships crew. The steamship Coamo rescued 71 persons from a lifeboat and 
brought them to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The liner S.S Coamo was also later torpedoed on December 9, 1942 and sank with the loss of 133 passengers and crew. 
The U-66 was sunk on May 6, 1944 by the destroyer escort USS Buckley. There were 36 survivors but 24 of the crew died.